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Staff is required to attend advanced trainings throughout the year to increase their knowledge and skill set surrounding ABI, TBI and MH Issues to better serve our consumers.
Our team is assigned with the individual in mind. We try to make a fit that will enable the best possible outcomes.

Bi-Lingual and ASL (American Sign Language) staff available.

It is our belief that, with the right supports and access to community resources, the person we serve can enjoy a fulfilling program that is responsive to their individual needs and concerns. Service is provided while ensuring privacy, dignity and respect. We see the whole person not the diagnosis.


​​New Horizon Enterprises, LLC

Founded in 2010, New Horizon Enterprises provides services under the Acquired Brain Injury I & II and Mental Health Waivers for the State of CT Department of Social Services.


Members of TBI Advisory Board and BIAC Provider Council 

Licensed, Bonded and Insured in the State of Connecticut